4 Ways To Get Ahead on Your Construction Case

Have you been injured on a construction site and have questions? Read these 4 ways to get ahead on your construction case, then give us a call.

1. Common Mistakes After a Construction Accident

4 Ways To Get Ahead on Your Construction CaseOne of our attorneys will do that. In fact, we got a call like that not too long ago. What our attorney told the person is, look, here’s the most common mistakes.

First of all, especially men, they think, hey, I’ll just tough it out, be macho, whatever. It’s a huge mistake because if you don’t get better like you’re hoping the next day or the next week or whatever and then you tell your work or report the injury and stuff, that’s going to reduce potentially the value of your claim. Also, if you don’t get medical assistance right away, that’s another huge mistake. People say, oh, I’ll just go home. I’ll sleep it off. I’ll take a day off. The weekend’s coming up. I’ll feel better on Monday. Then you don’t.

At least call us and we’ll advise you if you need to report the injury. Normally, the answer is yes. If you’re afraid about getting fired and stuff, that’s another reason to call us. We’ll help you through that process. Then if it looks like there might have been a fellow subcontractor who was at fault, we’ll start an investigation and see if we can capture evidence or witnesses and things like that. If the general contractor might have been at fault, that’s another different situation. All those things are reasons to call us. Don’t just stay at home with your leg up watching TV and just think it’s going to work out. At least call us and find out what you can do now to protect yourself physically and financially.

2. Choosing a Construction Accident Attorney

One of them is, as the attorney explained, who was at fault for causing the injury? Now, of course, if it’s just on the job injury, we have a workers’ comp attorney who can advise you on that. It doesn’t matter whose fault the accident was in that situation. We can still work with you and get compensation, and also if you have permanent impairment and disability, we’ll be happy to analyze your situation and tell you if we can get you more money or if they have stopped your benefits, things like that. That’s a topic for another day.

Beside the work comp benefits, you also need to determine if someone else that’s at fault for causing the accident. If another one of your work buddies drove a forklift over your foot, then we’re going to be looking at a workers’ comp claim, as the attorney explained. However, if it’s a situation where the person who ran over your foot with the forklift works for another contractor at the construction site, then you very well may have a claim against that other person and their employer.

Those kinds of situations get more complicated. You really do need legal assistance in those situations. Any time you’re injured in a construction site accident, give us a call. One of our attorneys would be happy to analyze your situation. It’s pretty common to have both a workers’ comp injury and a claim against another employee. You can have both at the same time. That’s why it’s good to call a firm like ours because we can handle both of those claims at the same time and get you maximum benefits for both.

3. Notifying Management After a Construction Accident

We’re talking about more commonly a situation where maybe it was something as simple as bending over and hurting yourself when you were picking up something or maybe a little more serious involving someone else where they knocked over a piece of equipment, knocked you back, but you dusted yourself off. You’re in one piece. In situations like that, it’s common, especially for men, to feel like, hey, I’m macho. I’m not going to go squealing to my supervisor that I might have hurt my back.

Even if you didn’t report it at the time, call us because one of our attorneys will analyze that situation and let you know if we recommend that you do file a report. In most cases, we will. That’s to protect yourself for a workers’ comp claim. If it’s a claim against another subcontractor or something like that, it’s important that you make a record of it because if you stay home for the weekend and then you feel like crap on Monday and then you get medical care. Even worse, you wait a week, or two weeks, or four weeks, the value of your claim is going to go down if it’s a personal injury claim. Your workers’ comp claim can definitely be affected as well.

4. Construction Accident Insurance Investigation

This question often comes up in a construction site accident when another subcontractor is really the one who caused the injury. That question came up the other day with one of our attorneys. Of course, the attorney is going to be able to analyze your exact situation, but in that case, the attorney advised the client, no. What you want to do is let our firm handle all communication with the adjustor or whoever for the insurance company for the sub. Doing that, we can keep you from saying something that inadvertently is going to reduce the value of your claim or totally destroy it. You don’t know the little training and tricks that the insurance company adjustors have learned. They have lots of practice, a lot more than you do.

That’s why we help you out because we know what those tricks are because they try them all the time. We don’t allow our clients to give recorded statements. Everything like that has to be a written statement that we can review first. That’s another way that we keep you from hurting your own case.

Have you been seriously injured on a construction site and have questions about these 4 ways to get ahead on your construction case? Contact experienced Gilbert Construction Accident Lawyers at Free Injury Advice today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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