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After a Burn Injury

Do you have questions about what to do after a burn injury? Watch this video, then call our Gilbert injury lawyers for a free legal consultation.


What should I do if I was seriously burned?


After a Burn Injury If someone has been a burn injury victim, has serious burn injuries, what do they need to do now to protect their case and have the best result possible? That question was posed to one of our attorneys recently. The attorney answered the client and said the number one thing is always, and we’ll help you do this, get the best medical care possible. Sometimes our clients are on access programs. They can only see a limited number of doctors. There are good doctors on those programs, but are the very best doctors on those programs? Not necessarily. Call us. We can actually refer you to additional doctors. We don’t have to replace the doctor that you’re seeing, but additional doctors that can give you and your doctor a second opinion. Maybe they have some techniques that are not being used for therapy or skin grafts or whatever. At least you’re aware. Maybe they just say, hey, your current doctor is doing fine. Keep on with them. That’s confirmation for you. That’s the number one thing. Call us so you get the best medical care possible.

The other thing that is important is, once you get the best medical care possible, when it comes time to settle your case, we often hire professional photographers to photograph your injuries and scarring and things like that. Because if you just take a picture on a selfie camera and send that to the insurance adjustor versus having the proper lighting so that it really emphasizes what you’re going to be living with, that can make a big difference in dollars and cents. Especially nowadays when we have social distancing, photographs are even more important because probably the adjustor isn’t going to see you in person. There are other important things that need to be addressed in burn injury cases but they do vary depending on a lot of details. Was it a defective product? Was somebody else at fault? Call us and let one of our attorneys analyze your case. Again, the call is free. The information is free. The earlier you contact us, the more difference we can help you with. Even if you haven’t decided you want to hire us, the information will be helpful to you. Make the call because our most important client is always you.

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