Attorney Lise Witt

Managing Attorney

Lise (pronounced “Lisa”) Witt has lived in Mesa, Arizona, with her husband Don since 1986. Lisa graduated from ASU School of Law in 1989.
Attorney Lise Witt
As an assistant city prosecutor for the City of Phoenix, Lise handled over sixty jury trials and nonjury trials. In fact, Lise has handled more jury trials than 99% of all litigators!  Even though the firm settles 99% of our cases without going to trial, when an insurance company doesn’t make a fair settlement offer, Lise has the experience to show the insurance company that we mean business! Lise won’t hesitate to file for arbitration, mediation or, if needed. a trial.  99% of the time, the insurance company settles but they know that if they don’t, Lise and our legal team have the experience to take the case to trial and make the insurance company pay or settle.
As managing attorney for, Lise and our legal team help clients navigate the complexities of dealing with insurance companies over property damage, medical care, physical therapy, lost wages, and other damages caused by negligent drivers.  Results also matter—she will endeavor to settle every client’s case for the highest dollar value without the stress of going to trial. 
Lise also likes to be on the cutting edge of personal injury law. is on the cutting edge when it comes to diagnosing and treating concussion and traumatic brain injury that happen with surprising frequency in an accident. 
Above all else, Lise never forgets that clients are people who want to be listened to and made whole as soon as possible.
Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University