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Burn Injury Claim Timeline

Do you have questions about how long your burn injury claim will take? Watch this video about the burn injury claim timeline, then call for a free review.


How long does a burn injury claim take?


Burn Injury Claim Timeline How long does it take to resolve a burn injury claim in Arizona? That’s important because people who have already been burned, literally, because of reckless conduct or a defective product, the last thing they want is to be burned again by the legal system. What we do is make sure that doesn’t happen. The way we do that is by being proactive and being involved in your care as early as you contact us.

There are great doctors out there at giving treatment who make very poor witnesses in legal proceedings. You can stay with a great doctor but we’ll refer you to another doctor for an additional second opinion and a doctor who understand how to testify in deposition. Most of those cases are going to be settled without going to court, but when the insurance companies sees that the doctor has a good reputation, they will want to settle. On the other hand, if it’s a nice doctor, does a good job for you, but really, he’s afraid of testifying, the insurance company won’t bother. As far as resolving your claim, as long as we get good testifying experts to bolster what your treating doctors are saying and they confirm it, those cases usually resolve as soon as you reach what’s called maximum medical improvement. How long does it take for you to reach maximum medical improvement? That’s something between you and your doctor. Once you’ve reached that point, most of the time, insurance companies, especially if the burn injury is pretty shocking, they want those settled quickly. That part is good news. Remember, if you’ve had a burn injury in Arizona from a defective product or perhaps someone else’s fault, a reckless conduct, call us. The call is free. The information is free. It can make a big difference the earlier you call us in the ultimate value of your case, thousands of dollars, possibly tens of thousands of dollars, and in rare cases, millions of dollars. Call us. We’re here for you.

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