Can You Still Get Workers’ Comp If You Were at Fault?

Do you blame yourself for your work injury and wonder if you can still get workers’ comp if you were at fault? Check out this video and call our office for guidance.


Am I eligible even if my work injury was my own fault?


Can You Still Get Workers' Comp If You Were at Fault?When someone’s hurt on the job in Arizona, there can be lots of reasons why you could be partially or maybe totally at fault. The good news is that, in Arizona you’re still eligible for benefits.

Our workers’ comp attorney will tell you that there’s an exception if you intentionally caused your own injury, but we have never had a client that we’ve had in that situation. As long as you didn’t throw yourself in front of a bus, you’re going to be okay. That’s the good news.

Remember, any question like that, call us. Talk to Daniel Garza, our workers’ comp attorney. The call is free; the information is free. The person who’s going to benefit the most by making that phone call is always you.

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