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How can I determine the value of my case?


Car Accident Case ValueHow do you know what the value of a car accident or auto accident claim is, especially in Arizona? It can vary, as it does in other states. That’s a very common question that potential clients always want to know the answer to when they call. Just the other day a potential client asked one of our attorneys that question.

As our attorney explained to that potential client, there is no magic formula, especially at the beginning of your case that can determine its value, the attorney explained that ultimately the way that insurance companies decide what the value of a case is, they look at several factors. Number one factor is who you chose to represent you. Why does that make a difference? There’s plenty of injury law firms, a lot of them on big billboards.

They’re basically just factories. You come in this end, they send you to a chiropractor, get you some treatment, and they spit you out the other end. You get a little check, and they’re onto their next case. Insurance companies know that. If you choose one of those law firms, then the value of your case is going to be a lot less. It’s not your fault except you weren’t wise enough to check out like you’re doing right now on the internet, get information, and make a better choice at the beginning.

If you do choose a firm that analyzes your case individually, gets you the top medical doctors, orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, neurosurgeons, whatever, like that, then your case is going to be worth more money. That’s just how it works because you’ve got better medical care. We don’t mind saying this; we’re going to get you the same medical care the current president gets. That is our goal to get you the best medical care because you recover faster, but your case is worth more money. It’s a win-win.

That’s why it’s important that you do call us and get that free information. We’ll give it to you for free. We’ll make referrals to top medical experts for free, even if you haven’t decided to hire us or not, just to protect the value of your case. Remember, the call is free, the information is free, and we’re really here to help you.

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