Choosing a Car Accident Lawyer

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How do I select the best car accident attorney?


An important question is how do you select the right person injury attorney if you get in a car accident in Arizona? A potential client actually called our office the other day and spoke to one of our attorneys. This is what our attorney told the potential client; you don’t want to just go out and get one of those attorneys that are all over the billboards. They make a big splash, but they don’t necessarily take great care of you as the client.

It’s much more important that you find someone who is going to really pay attention to what your individual needs are, what your medical injuries are, and get you to the top specialists, not just send you to a chiropractor every single time no matter what your injury is. That’s an important consideration because the medical care you get helps you recover from your injuries faster. The better medical care you get, the more money you get for pain and suffering. It’s a win-win for us working with our clients in that way.

Make sure that they’re going to be referring you to top doctors like orthopedic surgeons and neurologists and specialists like that. That’s a very important consideration. Beyond that you want someone who has the ability and the willingness to, if the insurance company basically tells you to go jump in a lake, go after the insurance company and make them pay. A lot of those so-called big box law firms up on the billboards and stuff, it’s just called settle, settle, settle; cheap, cheap, cheap.

If that’s what you want, give them a call. Most of our clients say no way. Remember, check out the reviews on Google, but call us. The call is free. The information is free. We’re here to help.

Were you or a loved one injured in a crash and have questions about choosing a car accident lawyer in Gilbert? Contact experienced Gilbert Car Accident Lawyers at Free Injury Advice today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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