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5 Juan Mora via 

The professionals at Free Injury Advice did an amazing job working on my wife and I accident case. They were very friendly and kept us informed all the time. We got the best result we could get. I highly recommend the professionals of Free Injury Advice. Thank you.

5 Alan Sanchez via 

I had no idea what I was going to do after my car accident which totaled my car and got injured as well. I gave these guys a call and it was all downhill. They handled everything from starting my appointments, walking me through and explaining the process. Ultimately , anything I had to do personally was minimal. They were amazing and get 5 stars from me. If you need an accident lawyer, I would 100% recommend.

5 Tyler Chamberlin via 

Very professional and understanding and always there to help you!

5 ItsLuvlee Dai via 

Absolutely loved having Kelly Nelson as my attorney! She was very responsive and kept me updated with everything I needed to know throughout the process! Thank you, Kelly! I will definitely refer you to anyone I know that may need an accident lawyer.

5 Hank Pelley via 

5 Vera Stevens via 

Quick response to emails. Very kind and friendly when answering questions.

5 Oralia Quintero via 

5 Josie Sweeney via 

Kelly did great job! Very professional I was blessed to have her in my case! Thank you Kelly!

5 Yalit Verduzco via 

5 Tim Fountas via 

The team was incredible! Made such a great difference hiring them

5 Rita Villasaez via 

Kelly was amazing! She was always responsive when I was looking for an update and she kept me in the loop when new Information was available. She worked really hard to get me the most out of my settlement. I highly recommend working with Kelly and the entire team at

5 Mylan Chavez. Lian Chavez via 

I totally recommend this company, I put our case on their hands they handle it it the right way. I’ll use this Lawfirm again in future. Thanks for everything.

5 Ramiro Marquez via 

5 John Santos via 

I appreciate Kelly, she was super responsive…had some Dr issued she cracked that whip and amazing Dr called me. If any questions I had, Kelly answered them Swiftly in a Timely matter. Thanks again for the hard work!

5 Jaime Chavez via 

I want to thank Kelly for all of her support and knowledge, and above all she treated me with a lot of respect. She worked hard for my case and overall she’s a very, very nice person. I was always informed and my case was settled quickly. I highly recommend them.

5 Christopher Fernandez via 

5 Alexis Montijo via 

Scott and Kelly have been very helpful and have done a great job. Or only for myself but for friends and family that have been referred. Totally recommend their service!

5 Bianca Solis via 

5 Angelwings_15 Crespin via 

5 Connie McCormick via 

The team members at Free Injury Advice were so helpful after my car accident. Each of them were readily available to answer my questions and explain my options and possible outcomes. They were knowledgeable and efficient, and had my best interest in mind. They listened to me and acted according to my priorities. Ultimately, they got me a top dollar settlement quickly, and then hand delivered the check. I’m really glad I chose them after my car accident and recommend them to anyone with a personal injury claim.

5 Tuwanna Rosales via 

5 Manuel Hernandez via 

profesional very helpful on every question

5 Morgan Nelson via 

I was in a car accident and I called Scott.  He instantly made me feel comfortable and even suggested I go to a physical therapist near my house.  I was scared because I didn’t have insurance, but he made sure they held the bill until my case settled.  Thank you,Scott for helping me.  I highly recommend you to anyone in an accident.

5 Malia Nelson via 

My sisters and I were rear ended on our way to school and I banged my head on the side window and was scared. My mom called free injury advice and they were able to get me a settlement so that I could put some money away for college. Now that I am applying to colleges, I am so grateful that they were able to get me a settlement so that I could afford to go to school. I highly recommend them.

5 Goku vs. Vegeta via 

I’ve been working with them for the past few years on one of my accident cases and I refer all my friends and family and they’ve helped every single one of them. I highly recommend them.

5 Don Witt via 

Lisa and Scott are the best. They get the largest settlements possible, especially for brain injuries, as they have specialized knowledge about the tests that should be done and work with the right doctors.

5 Arletta Avilez via 

I been working with them for a few years & I been recommending them with my friends.

5 Craig Darling via 

This guy pays attention to all of the details that are important to me.  Great Attorney and Swell Guy.

5 Tammy Niebling via 

Responsive and professional. Cares about each client.

5 Zack Greenfield via 

I have a had the pleasure or working with Scott Richardson, Kelly and the team at Free Injury Advice.  I can confidently say they have the best interest of their clients in mind and that Scott goes the extra mile, working with doctors, specialists, medical billing and whatever support is needed for their clients full recovery.

5 Rafael Navarrete via 

Grasias por ayudarme con mi accidente.  Yo te boy a recomendar con otras personas.  Grasias por todo.

Thank you for helping me with my accident. I will recommend you to other people. Thank you for everything.