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Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Nursing Home Abuse Case

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What mistakes should I avoid during a nursing home abuse case?


Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Nursing Home Abuse CasePeople often ask what are the most common mistakes that people make when their loved one may have been abused or neglected in a nursing home in Arizona. The most common mistake is not trusting your instinct or your gut. You know something’s not right with your loved one’s situation. They were in good condition, good health, and now their health is declining rapidly. They won’t eat, and before they had a good appetite. Trust that feeling and give us a call. We can help you verify that they really aren’t getting the care they need, and we can get them out of that facility to a better facility. We know the ones that have the most complaints and the better ones, so we’ll share that information with you for free.

Go with your instinct if you feel like there’s just something not right. If you feel that something is not right, you call us, and we’ll help you check that out. Remember, the call is free, the information’s free, and it can make the difference between your loved one’s life and death. It’s that important.

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