Construction Accident Case Value

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How do I determine the value of my construction accident claim?


The question often comes up after someone has been injured in a construction site accident. We had someone who was injured in a construction site accident contact us just recently and ask that question to one of our attorneys. Here’s what our attorney said. He explained that construction site accidents and injuries are valued differently than car wreck claims. Besides, we first of all start off with the nature and extent of your own injuries and your medical bills; beyond that, we look at things that can increase the value of your claim, even though it doesn’t have anything directly to do with your injuries.

For instance, were there OSHA violations that were known and was the subcontractor aware of it or the general contractor? This starts getting into situations that are more complex legally, and as our attorney would advise this person, that’s a reason for us to get reports if there is an OSHA report and analyze these things because sometimes the general contractor can be held responsible and sometimes they escape that. All those things are reasons to call us so we can start analyzing that.

The other differences in values are that, again, if there has been some, we’ll call it a bad actor or they were doing something, they were breaking some rules they shouldn’t, that can increase the value of your claim. That’s part of our investigation. Those things make it so your claim can be worth more money than, let’s just say, if you were in a fender bender down the street. That’s a reason to call us. Construction site accidents can be some of the biggest recoveries or they can be some of the most complicated. Call us. The call is free. The information is free. If you’ve been injured in a construction site accident, we’re very clear on one thing— the most important person is you.

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