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Construction Accident Insurance Investigation

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Should I speak to the insurance company after a construction accident?


Construction Accident Insurance Investigation This question often comes up in a construction site accident when another subcontractor is really the one who caused the injury. That question came up the other day with one of our attorneys. Of course, the attorney is going to be able to analyze your exact situation, but in that case, the attorney advised the client, no. What you want to do is let our firm handle all communication with the adjustor or whoever for the insurance company for the sub. Doing that, we can keep you from saying something that inadvertently is going to reduce the value of your claim or totally destroy it. You don’t know the little training and tricks that the insurance company adjustors have learned. They have lots of practice, a lot more than you do.

That’s why we help you out because we know what those tricks are because they try them all the time. We don’t allow our clients to give recorded statements. Everything like that has to be a written statement that we can review first. That’s another way that we keep you from hurting your own case. Remember, if you are injured in a construction site accident due to a reckless or wrong behavior of another subcontractor, call us right away. Let one of our attorneys analyze your case and tell you what’s the best way that we see to get it resolved. Remember, the most important person in our firm is always you.

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