Covered Medical Bills For Workers Comp

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If I am injured at work, what medical bills are paid?


When people call in and ask that question of our workers’ comp attorney, Daniel Garza, the short answer he will say, and has said in recent inquiries, is yes; however, there is a qualification. That’s why you need to call and find out what those situations are so you’re not the one that gets burned and stuck with the medical bills.

Here’s the catch. If you have one doctor treating you for a particular condition, then yes, your bills are going to get paid by the workers’ comp system and the insurance carrier. Let’s say you’re not happy with the treatment you get there. You just go and see your own doctor. That doctor refers you to another doctor. Now, you have three doctors treating you for the same condition.

That’s going to be a situation where you won’t all necessarily get paid. It is a situation where you absolutely need to call us. Talk to our workers’ compensation attorney, Daniel Garza. He can steer you and guide you in a direction where you get better care, even if it involves a change of doctor notice that’s approved. They’re usually approved, by the way. You get the care you need and the doctor that’s really taking care of you gets paid, so they don’t get left out in the cold, so to speak.

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