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Determining the Value of a Wrongful Death Case

Are you suffering the loss of a loved one and have questions about determining the value of a wrongful death case? Watch this video and call us for help.


How do I determine the value of a wrongful death case?


Determining the Value of a Wrongful Death CaseOne question always comes up in a wrongful death claim: How do you determine the value of the case? No amount of money will bring a loved one back, so how is it valued, if we’re just talking about money, since there’s no amount of money that could be equivalent to the life of a loved one? If you’re going through it, you understand that even a hundred million dollars is not going to bring your loved one back. How are those determinations made?

We’ve had clients call our law firm just recently and speak to one of our attorneys and this is what our attorney said. Emotionally, no, there is no amount of money that can ever take their place, it’s just not possible, but for insurance companies, they always reduce things down to dollars and cents. For them, they can put a number on it and if you don’t get an experienced law firm like ours working on your case, they’ll put a number on the value of your loved one that will be shockingly low in most cases. That’s an important reason to call us and at least talk to us on the phone for free. Then if you have one of our attorneys analyze your case in detail, we can explain how insurance companies put a number on the life of your loved one. Insurance companies consider, for one, whether your loved one was working— how many years of income were list? That makes a big difference. It hurts our potential clients when they hear how insurance companies value these things. Did their loved one die instantly or were they in agony for several hours or days or something like that. These are all factors that are difficult to even discuss emotionally. Quite frankly, if this is a fresh situation and your heart is just bursting, we probably won’t go into that part of the case in a lot of detail now. We’ll focus on helping you recover emotionally, but when the appropriate time comes, we can discuss these things. In the meantime, we’ll be able to use the right experts to value the life of your loved one the way insurance companies value it, which is just dollars and cents. Even emotional pain they reduce down to dollars and cents. Insurance companies value all those things, unfortunately, in dollars and cents. Understanding that, let us take care of that part of the case while you recover emotionally. We can refer you to great resources, great people who have been through what you’re going through right now. They lost a loved one because of a drunk driver or someone else’s carelessness or reckless behavior. They went through the process themselves and you’ll feel the difference when you talk to them immediately from just a regular counselor. Call us and we’ll be able to deal with the insurance company on the dollars and cents level. We’ll also help you deal with your grief and recover from the hole in your heart that losing a loved one caused you. Call us for free— referrals are free, the information is free. It really can make a difference. Call us today.

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