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First Settlement Offer

Do you have questions about taking the first settlement offer from the insurance company? Watch this video, then call our Gilbert personal injury lawyers.


Should I take the first settlement offer from the insurance company?


First Settlement OfferThe question often comes up, is it ever a good idea to take an insurance company’s first offer when they make an offer? In fact, that’s a common question when people call our injury law firm. One of our attorneys answered that question the other day. Here’s what the attorney said, and it’s probably good information for you, too. When you just get in a car accident, insurance companies will chase you. What they want to do is they want you to take a check fast. They try to make it sound like it’s a reasonable offer. They will ask you how you are feeling. If you are polite and say you are fine, they will say that means you are not injured. Then say, well you know what, Sally or Jim, we’re going to be generous. By the way, if you ever hear an insurance company say they’re going to be generous, watch out. Don’t, whatever you do, accept that first offer without giving us a call. There are rare situations where you really aren’t injured, and they’re offering $500. Probably one of our attorneys will say go for it. Caution is more important. Go get checked out physically. We can even refer you to top medical experts. Get checked out physically, and then if they say, hey you’re fine, okay. Don’t do it the other way around, and take their first offer, and then call us crying. Please, don’t let that happen to you. Remember, the call is free. The information is free. We’re here to help you.

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