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Forced Off the Road

Do you have questions about being forced off the road while riding your motorcycle? Watch this video, then contact our Gilbert injury lawyers for a review.


I was forced off the road by a driver causing injury, do I have a claim?


That question was posed to one of our attorneys recently by someone who had laid their bike down and still had been very seriously injured.

Forced Off the Road The answer to that question, as the attorney explained, is two things. Number one, did that vehicle stay around? Do we have insurance information on that vehicle? If we do, then that’s one situation. That gives you more options. Of course, we’re going to see what the police officer thought about the situation. It’s very common for police officers to blame motorcyclists for all or part of the accident. Of course, the driver, who may have forced you off, they almost always have a different version of what happened. It shouldn’t shock you. Independent witnesses are very important in that situation. Worse case is that driver just takes off. It’s very common. They’ll say even if your bike is spinning and you’re seriously injured, they’ll go no harm, no foul as far as they’re concerned. They’re out of there or they don’t want to obviously wait for the police officer to show up because they’ve got warrants or they don’t have whatever. If the situation like that has happened to you, as the attorney explained, the next thing that we look at is do you have uninsured motorist coverage either on that motorcycle or on any vehicle that you own or any vehicle that a relative in your household owns? Do they have full coverage with uninsured motorist coverage? If they do, we may be able to use that. It’s not a simple process. That’s another reason why you need to call and get legal help. Otherwise, we’ll just say you don’t have even a prayer on your own of successfully making a claim like that without legal assistance. The insurance company will say you didn’t hit the other vehicle. You’re kind of on your own. There are cases where we can still get compensation for our client. Call us if that’s happened to you. We’d really like to help out. Motorcycle accident victims, especially when they’ve been told there’s nothing available, should call us. The call is free. The information is free. We really do this because we care about you.

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