Gilbert Car Accident Case Timeline

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How long is it going to take to resolve my car accident injury claim?


How long does it take to resolve a car accident claim in Arizona? In fact, a potential client called our firm the other day and asked that very question of one of our attorneys. Here’s what the attorney said that could be information for you too. Remember, you need to call and get specific advice in your situation from one of our attorneys. Generally, how long it’s going to take to resolve your personal injury claim depends a lot on which law firm you choose.

Why should that make any difference, as this attorney explained to a potential client? What’s the deal? Here’s why the choice of a law firm makes such a big difference. There are a lot of law firms that won’t return your calls. If you don’t believe me, go check reviews on Google and talk to your friends.

They don’t particularly push anything as far as getting your case resolved. They wait more on external deadlines like is there something like if you don’t get your case resolved, then it’s going to have to have a lawsuit follow. That could take two years. Do you seriously want a case to have to wait that long? None of our clients do if it can be avoided.

You want a firm that will get you the top medical experts, get you the best care. Then when you’ve reached what’s called maximum medical improvement, they’ll get your case wrapped up and put a bow on it, present it in a demand to the insurance company, negotiate a settlement that’s in your favor, and that can often be accomplished within 60 days, 90 days from when you’re released from treatment. If you choose the wrong law firm, you can be talking about two years. That’s why the choice of a law firm is so important in determining how long it takes to resolve your claim.

Beyond that, the other consideration is your own medical treatment. If you have so-called minor injuries and you see an orthopedic surgeon, have some physical therapy, you get done in two months, your case may be wrapped in four or five months, totally done. On the other hand, if you have serious concussion and we get you to a neurologist for the treatment of headaches and all the other associated posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, memory loss, all the other kinds of symptoms that can go along with concussion, sometimes the neurologist is going to say you may need a lifetime of vestibular therapy, as just one example. That can cost millions of dollars potentially. Your case will be worth a lot more. That’s how it works.

A case like that is not going to take a lifetime to resolve, but it’ll take a lot longer than if you just saw a doctor once and got some physical therapy for a couple months. There is a wide variance there depending on the nature and the severity of your injuries. In your individual case, call us. Talk to one of our attorneys. They’ll analyze your injuries, your case, and they can give you a more specific idea about how long it will take.

Nobody has a crystal ball to see totally how long your injury and treatment is going to last. Even the best doctors can give estimates, but nobody knows for sure. That is even more of a reason to call us. Remember, the call is free, the information is free, and we’re here to help you.


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