Gilbert Dog Bite Case Value

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How much is my dog bite case worth?


Dog bite cases come in many different forms. How does that affect the value? This is one area that maybe if the equal rights amendment, if we had that, it would be the same for men and women, but insurance companies value the claims differently for men and women. Why? They think that if you’re a guy and you’ve got a scar like this, you can say, I’m a macho guy, but if you’re a woman and you carry a scar like that, every time you look in the mirror, you’re reminded about that dog attack. Others ask, how did that happen, whatever, and you can’t hide it with makeup, or whatever. You can’t wear a bathing suit without people going, my gosh, what happened to you?

Insurance companies value those claims higher, as one of our attorneys explained the other day on the phone when someone had suffered a dog attack, especially for little girls. If their faces are mauled, those are definitely going to result in higher settlements. Adjustors in that case are going to pay more money.

Anyway, the value of the claim depends normally on the age and gender of the victim and then the extent of the injuries and particularly scarring. If you want to know in your particular case, give us a call. You can send us photos on the phone, if it’s your loved one or whatever, and we can discuss, one of our attorneys can discuss that in more detail. Remember, the call to us is free. The information is free. It can actually make a big difference, especially if it’s your loved one. You can get money set aside for college so they don’t have to worry about that in the future and maybe payments for the rest of their life. We can actually do that often. Call us. The call is free. The information is free. We really care about helping our clients who have been attacked by dogs and that may include you.

Have you or a loved one been attacked by a dog and have questions about a Gilbert dog bite case value? Contact experienced Gilbert Dog Bite Accident Lawyers at Free Injury Advice today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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