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Injured as a Passenger on a Motorcycle

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Do I have a claim if I was injured while riding as a passenger on a motorcycle?


Injured as a Passenger on a Motorcycle When riding on a motorcycle that experiences an accident, do you have a claim? If you do, who is it against? Is it against the other driver? Is it maybe against your friend? What’s the situation?

That very question was posed recently to one of our attorneys by a potential client. Our attorney explained that as a passenger, the good news is that you can never be at fault for the accident. The attorney explained there can be rare situations if you reach up and strangle the motorcyclist. You might have contributed to that accident. I’ve never run across that situation yet, even if people felt like they wanted to strangle them for some reason. You’re not going to be at fault. As the attorney explained, they can give you additional options because it’s pretty common for a police officer in their report to put some or all the blame on the motorcyclist. We’ve had situations where maybe it was the other driver’s fault mostly. We collected all the money that that other driver had and maybe the motorcyclist themselves only had a minimum $15,000 or $25,000 policy. Maybe they really hardly did anything wrong. All they have to do is find a little bit they did wrong and as a passenger, we can collect that money for you. We had a husband and wife situation. The wife was riding behind. We got her extra money even though her husband had laid down the bike. He’d probably done everything you’re supposed to do, but we still were able to get extra money for the wife. Speaking of extra money, the driver who caused the accident only had $100,000 policy. He had a house that was totally paid off. We told him and his insurance company we’re not going to be satisfied with $100,000. We want to kick in another $100,000 and more money on top of that or we might have to come knocking on the door of the house. We ended up getting much more than the insurance limits. That’s possible. Call us and we can tell you if that’s possible in your situation. If the insurance company has already offered the first $100,000, don’t accept it. Call us. You can keep all that money for free. We’ll just work on whatever we can get you on top of that. It’s like a no lose situation for you. Remember, if you’re a passenger, you’re injured in a motorcycle accident, you have additional options. Call us. One of our attorneys will be happy to analyze your situation. Even if you’ve been offered a policy limit by the other insurance company, just call us and let us check before you accept it. If we can get you more besides that, you keep all that money. If we can get you more, we will. That’s another reason to call us if you’ve been in a motorcycle accident. The call is free. The information is free. It can mean tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes millions depending on your injuries. Call us because we really do care, and we ride with you as your partner in your motorcycle case until it’s fully resolved.

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