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Injured at Home

Watch this video to learn if you are eligible for workers’ compensation if you were injured at home. Call our Gilbert workers’ compensation attorneys for help.


Am I covered under workers comp if I was injured at home while doing work for my employer?


Injured at HomeThat’s a question that our workers’ comp attorney Daniel Garza comes across more and more nowadays when people are working from home so much. As Daniel Garza tells potential clients, the short answer is yes, you get covered. However, if you are injured at home while you’re working from your employer, you need to call us right away and talk to our workers’ comp injury attorney, Daniel Garza, because it certainly can be more complex.

Let’s take an example. You’re working for the employer and you’re taking a bathroom break, and you’re heading to the bathroom, and you accidentally trip, and you lose some teeth. You suffer a concussion. That’s a situation you need to call and talk to Daniel Garza, our workers’ comp attorney, because it’s easy for the insurance company for the employer to go oh, wait, no. First of all, you were taking a break. That wasn’t working, which by the way isn’t necessarily accurate at all. Also, maybe there was some defect in the carpet or something like that. Daniel would say so what. She can still be eligible for benefits. Any kind of situation like that, do yourself a favor. Call, talk to our workers’ comp attorney, Daniel Garza. The call is free, the information’s free, and the person who’s going to benefit the most is you.

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