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Losing Your Health Insurance After Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim

Are you worried about being fired or losing your health insure after filing a workers’ comp claim? Check out this video and then call our office in Gilbert for help.


Can I be fired or lose my health insurance if I file a claim?


Losing Your Health Insurance After Filing a Workers' Comp ClaimOur workers’ compensation attorney, Daniel Garza, is asked that question every week. The answer is important information to have because it’s a very common situation. Here’s what Daniel Garza will say— yes.

What does that mean? Don’t you have some kind of protection from getting fired? You might, but not in the workers’ compensation system. If you are fired, and an employer can say you’re not available for work, you don’t necessarily have a claim, as Daniel Garza would tell you, under the workers’ compensation system. They still might have to pay your medical bills and benefits, but they don’t have to keep a place open for you if you’re not able to do the job. There are other laws that can protect you beyond workers’ compensation, however, so call us. They’re specialized, employment-based laws. There are federal laws and state laws. We can refer you to an attorney who can analyze your situation and find out if some of those apply to you and protect your job, or pay you additional compensation beyond your workers’ compensation benefits for being fired or laid off. If anything like that is going on, call us. We’ll be happy to make those referrals for free. You can discuss these issues with an employment-based attorney and find out if you do have a valid claim and what it’s going to take to pursue it. Remember, the call is free; the information is free; the referrals are free. The person who’s going to benefit the most is always you.

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