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Lost Wage Reimbursements

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How does lost wage reimbursement work after a car accident?


Lost Wage ReimbursementsThe question often comes up, I can’t work. I’m losing my salary, wages, whatever. How am I going to get repaid? In fact, just last week a potential client in that situation called and talked to one of our attorneys. Here’s what our attorney explained. This can be valuable information for you too. The way insurance companies typically do it is you need number one, a doctor’s order saying no to work. If you just stay at home in terrible pain and you can’t work but a doctor didn’t give you a doctor’s order, the insurance company is going to say tough luck. You want to make sure that you have a doctor’s order saying that. That’s number one.

As the attorney explained, that’s not necessarily enough because the way insurance companies work it is if you punch a timecard or time clock and punch in and out, they’re more likely to reimburse you. If you’re self-employed, you’re an independent contractor, something like that, insurance companies go yeah, sure, you didn’t work. They always suspect somehow you had somebody else do it and they paid you. If you’re not salaried or get regular wages, then it’s much harder to get reimbursed from an insurance company. They’ll often demand tax returns. In fact, they always will. Why? They say number one, that person’s probably fudging on their taxes anyway and making it low. Let’s just see. Let’s see what they say. Then if you give them tax returns, they go so what? We’re still not paying you. Those kinds of situations are definitely more difficult. That’s even more important to call our law firm and have us help you at the beginning. Maybe we’ll refer you to a CPA who can help prepare the information that will stand up to an insurance company. You don’t want to wait until six months later or a year later and they go you know what? We don’t buy any of this, and you’re out thousands and thousands of dollars potentially. That’s why it’s so important that you call us at the beginning, if possible, not when the insurance company has said jump in a lake. We can give you guidance. Our attorneys will analyze your specific situation and tell you what’s the best thing, even if we don’t end up representing you. We’ll still point you in the right direction. Remember, the call is free, the information is free. It can even be priceless, worth tens of thousands of dollars to you. We really are here for you.

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