Mistakes After a TBI to Avoid

If you suffered a serious head injury, watch this video about the common mistakes after a tbi to avoid. Then, contact our Gilbert attorneys.


What are some common mistakes people make during a TBI?


When potential clients call us and they tell us over the phone that they are suffering, we ask if they are experiencing headaches, even if they don’t tell us if they’re suffering from headaches that they didn’t have before the accident. Then we ask them some more questions like which part of your head? If they’re in the top, front, or side, that’s certainly much more likely they suffered a concussion than if it’s all the way back here, which may be due to neck injury, neck inflammation. If they tell us that they have those kinds of symptoms, then it’s common for people to think will probably go away in a couple days.

Well, it might. Let’s get you checked out now by a medical expert. If it doesn’t go away in a couple days or a couple weeks, you go get medical help. The insurance company is going to say there’s nothing in any medical record before now where it mentions anything like this.

For all we know, he was playing around with his jackhammer at work or something else caused it. It certainly wasn’t our insured because there’s no mention of it for weeks or days or months. That’s a huge common mistake. That’s why if you call us and tell us I’ve got these symptoms of possible concussion, it’s like we’re going to get you help right away. There are some scenarios where you may have waited two weeks. We hope you didn’t wait two months. You’re still having those symptoms.

We’re still going to get you top medical care. Our attorneys will tell you your case is going to be tougher in that situation. Sometimes we can still prove objectively that it went back to the time of the accident. Don’t make your case harder than it has to be. Call us right away.

Remember, the call is free. The information is free. The call can be priceless if it gets you the help you need that helps you get over the symptoms from the concussion and brain injury. We hope you can tell we really care about our clients who have suffered traumatic brain injury. That may include you.

Did you or a loved one experience a serious injury to the head in Arizona and have questions about the common mistakes after a tbi to avoid? Contact experienced Gilbert Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers at Free Injury Advice today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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