Mistakes After a Truck Accident

Do you have questions about the common mistakes after a truck accident? Read this article to learn what not to do, then call our Gilbert office for guidance.

Act Immediately

Mistakes After a Truck AccidentThe question often comes up, for a serious trucking accident in Arizona, what are some of the biggest mistakes that people make in making a claim or handling their case? That’s an extremely common question. We had someone contact our office recently and talk to one of our attorneys and ask that question. He said, “I want to make sure I don’t mess up my case,” and the attorney said, “Well, the number one thing you did right is you called us.” The number one mistake that people make or families make, if their loved one died and stuff – they’re in grief and shock, and it’s all they can do to deal with what’s happened – is they say, “Well, you know, the legal stuff, we’ll do that later.” While they’re in shock and grief, the trucking company and their insurance company and lawyers are going into damage control mode. As the attorney explained, this is all kinds of – anything that could hurt the trucking company or cause you, the client, to get a lot of extra money, they’re going to do their best to make it either – I mean, if they’re not required to preserve it, it’s gone, that evidence. Sometimes when they are required, they just go, “Oops, mistake. We don’t know how that happened.”

Contact Our Lawyers

Have somebody in the family contact us so we can start investigating the case. There’s no cost to the family for us to start an investigation, and there’s no risk. If for any reason we don’t end up getting compensation for the family, you owe us zero, not even for costs. Just make sure someone in the family calls us, starts us on the investigation, while the family is dealing with recovery or grief. We have some great referrals and references we can make to help the family with that. Just remember, that’s avoiding the number one biggest mistake.

Get Medical Attention

Beyond that, other mistakes are thinking that, “Yes, I got injured. The semi cut me off and rear-ended me. My vehicle might be messed up, but I’m not hurt that bad.” Well, you know, still call us. A classic example is you’re having headaches that you didn’t have before the accident, and you think, “Maybe I didn’t get enough sleep,” or something like that. If those headaches started after the accident, you didn’t have them before, especially if they’re at the front, top or side of your head, that can be the number one symptom of you suffering a concussion, and concussions are no laughing matter. The only time they’re a laughing matter is if you don’t call us and we don’t get you into an expert and get treatment because, at the end of your case, the insurance adjuster, if you get no diagnosis and treatment, they will laugh at you.

Get the Best Medical Experts

It’s important that you call us early, that we get you into the best medical experts. There’s nothing wrong with your local chiropractor, but they are not going to be the ideal medical specialists if you’re seriously injured in a major trucking accident. Call us. We’ll give you great reference, great referrals. Even if you haven’t decided you’re going to hire us, that’s okay. We provide that as a public service to help clients or potential clients from harming their case. Call us in a serious trucking accident. The call is free, the information is free, and can actually be worth tens of thousands or even potentially millions of dollars to you and your family, and we provide it because you really are who is important to us.

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