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Motorcycle Accident Case Value

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How do I determine the value of my motorcycle accident claim?


Motorcycle Accident Case Value How is the value of a motorcycle injury claim determined? That’s a very good question, especially in Arizona. There’s no magic formula to this. We had someone call our office the other day and ask one of our attorneys. The attorney explained there’s not a crystal ball magic formula.

Typically, what happens if you’re seriously injured is there’s going to be very high medical bills. Those medical bills often exceed the amount of insurance of the other driver. In that case, usually the insurance adjuster won’t quibble if it’s clear who’s fault the accident is. Sometimes, it’s not so clear and they’ll try to put the fault on you, if they can. They’ll say you were speeding, you were doing this, etc. We can have accident reconstruction break that down and critique the officer’s version of what happened. That can be important in getting you more dollars in your pocket or even getting the insurance company to accept responsibility. Once the insurance company adjuster gives up on these tactics, we can settle your case very quickly. The value usually is whatever the insurance policy limits are. That may not be enough. That’s where we have expertise in looking for additional sources of insurance; underinsured motorist coverage from your other vehicles. Did your own agent mess up because he didn’t give you underinsured motorist coverage on at least one of your vehicles knowing that you had a motorcycle? We can file a claim against your own agent’s insurance policy to get actual money and insurance for you. Were there other people, relatives in your household, say, who had vehicles with full coverage that includes underinsured motorist coverage? We can use that often without affecting the insurance rates of your relative that you live with, your father or your brother. All those things can increase the value of your case. Anyway, we just want you to know that those factors are reasons why you need to call and have one of our attorneys analyze your case specifically and then we can give you a much more specific answer than we can just an informational video. Remember, the call is free. The information is free. It can make a big difference if we can find extra insurance that you didn’t know was available. We really do care about our clients who are injured riding motorcycles. They have equal rights to people who are driving four-wheeled vehicles even though those people often don’t respect them. We care about you and we’ll make sure that you get the justice that you deserve.

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