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Motorcycle Accident Insurance Investigation

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After a motorcycle crash, is it a good idea to talk to the insurance companies?


Motorcycle Accident Insurance Investigation Is it ever a good idea, especially in Arizona, to talk to the insurance adjuster, the company for the other driver’s insurance? A motorcycle accident victim called our office the other day and posed that very question to one of our attorneys. What the attorney said is the short answer is no. The insurance adjusters have had lots of practice in dealing with people who are in motorcycle accidents. They’ve come up with some pretty clever ways of getting you to talk and give them information.

You’ve heard the phrase, “whatever you say can and will be used against you.” That applies when you’re talking to insurance adjusters. Even if they don’t take a recorded statement, they’re still writing down everything you’re saying. A polite answer to a simple question after your health in their reading becomes that you are on your way to a full recovery even if that’s far from the truth. By the way, remember, on your social media, if you’ve just got out of the hospital and the next day they’ve got a picture of you climbing Mount Everest, it’s probably not going to help your case. Take it easy. Follow what your physical therapist says, and don’t try to conquer Mount Everest soon until we settle your case. With regards to insurance adjusters, we never let our clients talk to insurance adjusters about what happened, about their injuries. If they want to ask questions of our clients, we insist that it be in writing. That gives us total control over what the questions are. No surprises. It’s not going to hurt your case. Again, insurance adjusters, they’ve learned how to get people to talk. They’ll say your bike got smashed up. You put a lot of money into that. You probably want to get it fixed. You’ve got to give me a statement, otherwise I can’t get your bike fixed. Note, they don’t promise they’re going to do it. They just say you’ve got to do it if you want me to consider it. That’s why call us first. We can avoid you saying something that inadvertently can hurt your case. Talk to us first and then after that if you still want to give a statement, at least you’ll be more informed or have us represent you and then you don’t have to give them a statement. Your bike will still get fixed. We’ll take care of that for you. Remember, if you’re a victim of a motorcycle accident in Arizona, give us a call. The call is free. The information is free. It can make the difference between a few thousand, tens of thousands, and in a few cases millions of dollars by talking to us first. Understand that you’re a victim of a motorcycle accident. We’ll work with you. We’ll, so to speak, ride with you until your case is closed successfully because we really do care about you.

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