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Notifying Management After a Construction Accident

Have you been injured on the job and have questions about notifying management after a construction accident? Watch this video and then call us in Gilbert.


Should I notify management if I was injured on a construction accident?


Notifying Management After a Construction Accident If you’re in a construction site accident in Arizona particularly, should you notify my supervisor or my boss? What’s the best thing to do in that situation? Obviously, we’re not talking about a situation where the crane fell on you and cut off your leg. We’re talking about more commonly a situation where maybe it was something as simple as bending over and hurting yourself when you were picking up something or maybe a little more serious involving someone else where they knocked over a piece of equipment, knocked you back, but you dusted yourself off. You’re in one piece. In situations like that, it’s common, especially for men, to feel like, hey, I’m macho. I’m not going to go squealing to my supervisor that I might have hurt my back.

Even if you didn’t report it at the time, call us because one of our attorneys will analyze that situation and let you know if we recommend that you do file a report. In most cases, we will. That’s to protect yourself for a workers’ comp claim. If it’s a claim against another subcontractor or something like that, it’s important that you make a record of it because if you stay home for the weekend and then you feel like crap on Monday and then you get medical care. Even worse, you wait a week, or two weeks, or four weeks, the value of your claim is going to go down if it’s a personal injury claim. Your workers’ comp claim can definitely be affected as well. Call us first. Let one of our attorneys analyze your situation. We can advise you about notifying whoever needs to be notified. In certain cases, we can file the notice for you. We’re going to do what’s going to protect your rights. Remember, if you’re in a construction site accident and you have any question about whether, and even if you notified your supervisor, that’s no guarantee that they notified anyone above them. Call us anyway and we can check on that for you and you don’t have to worry about what’s my boss going to think or whatever. We’ll take care of that for you. We’ll always discuss it with you first. We won’t do anything without your permission. Our goal is to protect your rights and maximize the recovery that you get because the most important person is always you.

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