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Personal Injury Case Going to Trial

Have you or a loved one been injured and have questions about a personal injury case going to trial? Contact our Gilbert injury lawyers for a free review.


Will my personal injury case go to trial?


Personal Injury Case Going to TrialThat is a valid question, but the most important piece of information that you’ll find if you call our law firm, as one of the attorneys explained to a potential client the other day when they asked that very question, is that 98% of our cases are settled without filing a lawsuit. Out of the 2% that we need to file a lawsuit on, 95% of those are settled without going to a trial. The cases that actually end up in trial are very, very small in number.

You have to be able to show an insurance company that you are willing to go to trial, however. That’s the only way they’re really going to make a fair offer. We have attorneys in our firm with extensive trial experience. Our managing attorney has done 66 jury trials. That’s about 64 more than a lot of attorneys out there. Another one of our attorneys has lots of trial experience. The insurance companies respect that. They know they’re not going to be able to get away with just offering so-called chump change. No matter what you think about your case, always call. Find out what your rights are. Get your case analyzed by one of our attorneys for free over the phone. Then you can decide what you want to do. If you want to go ahead and deal with the insurance company yourself, sometimes you end up damaging your case, but we’ll warn you about that as much as we can. Our attorneys will do that. Beyond that, they’ve even showed that potential clients that talk to a lawyer over the phone one time, they end up getting more money for their case than people who don’t make that call. Call us. The call is free. The information is free. We’re here to help you.

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