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How do I determine the value of my personal injury case?


The question often comes up, in Arizona how do you determine what my case is worth? Potential clients call our office, our injury law firm, and ask that question often. The other day, in fact, one of our attorneys responded to that question and said this. “There is no magic formula even though everyone or a lot of people have heard there is. Is it three times my medical bills, five times, ten times, two and a half times, what’s the formula, everyone wants to know?” The formula with insurance adjusters is fairly simple: We’re going to pay the least amount we can to settle your case. The most important thing at the beginning, as the attorney explained to the potential client, is what, that we get you to the best medical care.

There’s nothing wrong with your neighborhood chiropractor, but we will get you to top medical specialists like orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, neurosurgeons— anyone who can really analyze your case. You’re getting headaches. You have concussions. If you don’t get that diagnosed and documented, the insurance adjuster is going to say it’s no big deal and offer you a small lump sum like $500. When we send you to the right experts, we prove that it’s a massive concussion that can require lifetime care. That can be the difference between $500 and millions of dollars potentially. That’s why it’s so important that you call us. Let us at least analyze your situation. One of our attorneys will. We’ll refer you to top medical experts even if you still haven’t decided to hire us. We just do that to help you as a public service. Remember that the call is free. The information is free. It’s invaluable even though it doesn’t cost you anything. We are here to help you.

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