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Personal Injury Medical Bills

Were you or a loved one hurt and have questions about who is paying your personal injury medical bills? Watch this video, then contact us in Gilbert, AZ.


Who pays my medical bills after a personal injury?


Personal Injury Medical BillsThe question often comes up. When people have medical bills, they say, well I wasn’t at fault. Who’s going to pay those medical bills? Especially, they call us when the insurance company says they’re not going to step up for that. Our potential clients go, what? I didn’t cause this accident, and all of a sudden, I have to pay for the medical bills. A call from a client like that happened the other day. One of our attorneys explained to them that as far as medical bills go, if our client is not at fault and there is insurance on the other driver or other party for paying, we can make sure that you, our client, don’t have to pay anything out of pocket normally in order to get the best medical care. We’ll refer you to doctors who are willing to give you all the treatment you need now and wait to be paid till your case is settled. In fact, in many cases, they’re willing to do something similar to us as far as you never owe us any money unless we collect. Many of the medical doctors you work with will say, hey if you don’t collect, I’m not going to come after you. That gives you peace of mind.

Another thing to be aware of is if you do have health insurance, in many cases, you’re going to be better off financially to have your health insurance pay for the bill first. Yes, our attorneys will explain that we do need to reimburse them. However, the reimbursement is a lot less. You end up with more money in your pocket. These matters are not simple. That’s another reason why you need to at least call us. We can give you some guidance. One of our attorneys will analyze your case specifically. Again, the call is free. The information is free. You really need to give us a call because we’re here to help you.

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