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Poorly Maintained Roads

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What happens if a poorly maintained road caused my motorcycle accident?


Poorly Maintained Roads The question often comes up in single motorcycle accidents where a rider is seriously injured because of defect or a problem in the maintenance of a road. There was a situation where a motorcyclist came over a rise and the roadway was filled with sand that had been left over from a rainstorm. It doesn’t matter how good of a rider you are— if you come at speed over sand with no warning, you will be seriously injured. A claim like that, you absolutely need a law firm to help you out.

If you don’t have a law firm, then you might as well kiss that one goodbye. In a situation like that, what our attorney did is he contacted the state. The state has special rules. They have special protections. You can’t wait two years if the state has messed up. If you do, you’re history. You have to file, as the attorney explained in that situation, a notice of claim. You have to do it in 180 days. That’s less than six months. If you don’t, your claim is gone. Even if you do, whatever the amount is, if you put in there $100,000 and it turns out you have more injuries, you’re not getting a penny more than $100,000. You’re not going to do it on your own successfully. Even some law firms mess it up. You need a law firm on your side. The key in that situation is the experts that we bring in. If they can show that the state could have prevented that injury if they had cleared area out – another thing is how long it had been sitting there. Did they have any notice? All those things are really important. When you talk to one of our attorneys, they’ll explain that in detail. Are those cases easy? No. Those are some of the hardest cases to win. Most law firms won’t even touch them because they’re so hard. However, we do have litigation attorneys on our legal team. Not all of them are jumping up and down to take a case like that, but they’ll at least investigate it. We’ll investigate it at no cost to you. Then if our experts say this looks like it’s going to be a tough case, it’s going to be a very hard case, but it’s winnable, they’ll probably take the case. If we investigate it and determine it just looks like we probably won’t be able to win the case, we’ll tell you that. It doesn’t cost you anything for us to do that. You have to be seriously injured. If you’ve just got some scrapes or whatever because you got thrown off your bike, one of our attorneys will say thank your lucky stars. That’s not enough injuries for us to take. If you’ve been seriously injured or concussion, brain injury, massive fractures, things like that, which are very common, those are the kind of injuries that can justify a claim against the state. If that’s happened to you, for heaven’s sake, do not wait around. Even if you’re recuperating in the hospital, call us from the hospital, if you can, so that we can start investigating your case at no cost to you. Remember, if you’re in a motorcycle accident or whatever the cause, but especially if there’s some road conditions, those are some of the toughest cases out there. You need to get us working on the case as early as possible. Call us. The call is free. The information is free. Our investigation won’t cost you anything out of pocket. If we’re successful, you’ll be very grateful that you called us because we really do care about you.

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