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Repetitive Motion Injuries

Watch this video to see if repetitive motion injuries are covered by workers’ compensation. Call our Gilbert workers’ compensation lawyer today for help.


Are repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel covered?


Repetitive Motion InjuriesThis is a very common question that comes up when people are injured through what’s called repetitive motion injuries, with the most common being carpal tunnel. You’re at a computer or keyboard all day long. Then suddenly, you can’t do it anymore. You’re referred to a doctor.

There are very different treatments you’ll discover. Some doctors immediately want to slice and dice your hands up. Other doctors say that’s the worst thing you can do. They have other types of non-invasive treatments and therapies for carpal tunnel syndrome. One of the benefits of calling our law firm and talking to our workers’ comp attorney, Daniel Garza, is we can refer you to the specialists who start with a non-invasive approach. They’re not going to go start slicing open your nerves because that doesn’t always improve the situation. It certainly doesn’t make your hands and wrists look pretty. We can make those referrals. Back to the basic question: Is that going to be covered by workers’ comp? The answer, generally, is yes. Now,can the insurance carrier contest it? Yes, they can. That’s even more of a reason to call and talk to our workers’ comp attorney, Daniel Garza. If we get you to the best doctors, we can often reduce the possibility of your claim being denied for reasons that the insurance company comes up with. Remember, the call is free; the information is free. The person who’s going to benefit the most by making the call is always you.

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