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Scheduled Loss of Use Award

Have you or a loved one been injured at work and have questions about a scheduled loss of use award? Contact our Gilbert workers’ comp attorneys for help.


What is a scheduled loss award with workers’ compensation?


Scheduled Loss of Use AwardWhen they call and they talk to Daniel Garza, our workers’ comp attorney, he’ll advise you that there is a schedule for certain injuries. The list is not that hard to figure out. When you talk to Daniel, he can tell you if your injuries fall as scheduled injuries. What does this mean? As Daniel has advised our clients in the past and he’ll advise you, that means there are limits to what will be paid or how long your benefits will last. That’s the practical significance.

Now, it’s very common for our clients to have unscheduled injuries. The most common is probably a back injury. Why is a back injury unscheduled? Because it can be anything from a minor twinge to lifelong disability. There isn’t just one set amount for that. In those cases, you need medical evidence to show the amount of impairment and the amount of disability. That’s when you need to talk to our workers’ comp attorney, Daniel Garza because his expertise can help you understand how the rating systems work, the impairment ratings, the disability situation. You may have to see an economist for loss of earnings. There are all kinds of things involved. You can talk to him for free. He’ll go into detail based on your specific case. The call is free; the information’s free. The person who’s going to benefit the most by making that call is you.

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