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Learn why speaking to insurance adjusters after a car accident is a bad idea. Watch this video, then call our Arizona lawyers to get started!


After a car accident, is it a good idea to talk to the insurance company?


One question that often comes up after a car accident in Arizona is whether or not it is a good idea to give a recorded statement or even just talk to the adjuster for the other driver. This question comes up all the time. Just yesterday a potential client was asking one of our attorneys that question. Here’s what the attorney said.

Basically, recorded statements can be dangerous to their case. Some realize this and refuse to give a recorded statement but still talk to the adjuster and tell them everything as far as they’re concerned about their situation. The adjuster, even if they aren’t recording it, is taking notes. That still can come back and bite you where you probably don’t want to be bitten.

In our law firm, we don’t ever give insurance adjuster recorded statements. We always insist that it be in writing. Also, many times we demand that the insurance company let us take a statement from their driver. Usually the insurance company goes why would we want to allow that? Fair is fair. Forget it.

Be aware of these tactics. The most important thing is call us first before you give a recorded statement, before you actually even talk to the insurance adjuster about your injuries or anything serious. You can talk to them about your vehicle, but they always want to know – they’ll say how are you doing, Sally? Not bad. They will use this to say you were not really injured.

You’ve got to be careful.

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