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Suing a Co-Worker for Injuries

Have you or a loved one been injured at work and have questions about suing a co-worker for injuries? Contact our Gilbert workers’ comp attorneys for advice.


Can I sue my co-worker for causing my injury or illness?


Suing a Co-Worker for InjuriesThis is a very common question for people injured on the job in Arizona is – especially if they have a boss that they don’t like and may have done something like not maintain some equipment. If you talk to Daniel Garza, our workers’ compensation attorney, he’ll say, even in that case, if there was negligence or something like that, you can’t sue your boss in Arizona. You can’t sue another employee in Arizona because the workers’ compensation system actually protects the boss from being sued.

Why is that? Daniel Garza would explain because they’ve made a choice in Arizona and actually every other state that they want to protect employers from being sued by their employees. In exchange, they give you this workers’ compensation system where you don’t even have to prove who’s at fault. Even if the employee’s at fault, you’ll still get benefits. Now, will you get benefits like pain and suffering if it was in a personal injury case? No, but we can still work to maximize your benefits, both short-term and long-term. There are some limited exceptions to this that are very rare. Let’s say your employer intentionally injured you, or your co-worker intentionally injured you. There might be a situation like that where in addition to your benefits, you could sue the employer directly. These cases can benefit from a skilled, experienced attorney like Daniel Garza’s analysis. You don’t want to just go off half-cocked, so to speak. You really need to call and talk to Daniel Garza directly about your case. Remember, the call is free; the information is free; the analysis can be priceless. The direction and the result that you get many times are going to result in hundreds of dollars, sometimes thousands of dollars more in your pocket. The person who can benefit the most by making that call is you.

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