Suing the Trucking Company for Drunk Driving

If you were injured and are interested in suing the trucking company for drunk driving, watch this video. Then, contact our Gilbert attorneys.


A drunk semi-truck driver smashed into my car causing injury. Can I sue the company that he drives for?


One of our attorneys was asked that question recently. Incidents involving semi drivers under the influence are actually more common than you would suspect. Most commercial drivers, if they’ve been doing it very long and if they’re drug addicts, usually know how to hide that information, and they get very skilled at that.

For instance, being drunk is not the most common situation for commercial drivers. There are other drugs that are harder to detect. That’s even more of a reason to call our firm and get us investigating the case right away because we can uncover those situations. If it’s just a blatant DUI, then the criminal justice system actually provides some additional money or potential compensation to you, and we’ll guide you through that process. One of our attorneys is a former prosecutor, so they’re very familiar with that process and can guide you through that process to make it so that we’re going to get you insurance money, but, a judge may order the DUI driver to pay you back directly from any economic injury that wasn’t totally covered by insurance.

Beyond that, can we sue the driver directly? Well, if the insurance company doesn’t pay what they should, we always sue the driver and make sure we do. That’s one of the things that our firm absolutely can do. We do sue drunk drivers, whether they driver big commercial vehicles or a little Honda. When they’re drunk, that automatically means that they’re risking everyone out there on the freeway, including you, their victim. They need to pay for that, and that’s another reason that you need to call us. Remember, if you’re hit by a DUI driver or someone that’s high, in a commercial vehicle or any situation, call us. The call is free, the information is free, and we’re here to help you.

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