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Temporary Partial Disability

Were you hurt at work and have questions about temporary partial disability? Watch this video, then contact our Gilbert workers’ compensation lawyers.


What is temporary partial disability?


Temporary Partial DisabilityWhen you call about your case, our workers’ compensation attorney can give you in-depth specific information about what this means in the context of your case. In general, it’s a situation where typically the doctor or company doctor has released you to go back to light duty. That impacts what you earn. You can still get paid benefits, but they’re not going to be the same as if it was temporary total disability.

Again, how that applies to your case and what kind of medical proof you need, depends. Call us. Daniel Garza, our workers’ compensation attorney, would be happy to analyze your particular situation with the medical care and the medical treatment that you receive so far. The only one that can benefit if we get you increased benefits is you. Sometimes we can’t, but Daniel will be happy to advise you either way. The call is free; the information’s free. The person who can benefit the most by increased short-term and long-term benefits is you.

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