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Vocational Rehabilitation

Have you or a loved one been hurt at work and have questions about vocational rehabilitation? Contact our Gilbert workers’ compensation lawyers for guidance.


What is vocational rehabilitation?


Vocational RehabilitationIn Arizona, the question often arises for someone injured on the job: how does vocational rehabilitation work in Arizona? If you call and talk to our workers’ compensation attorney, Daniel Garza, here’s what he will tell you because this question comes up commonly. He’ll say, “Is it available? Yes.” Here’s the more important question. Is it required? He’ll tell you the answer’s no. A lot of people from other states might go what? You mean if I can’t do my job I’m not automatically entitled to vocational rehabilitation, get trained for another job? Daniel will say not automatically. That’s even more of a reason if you’re not able to resume your prior job and you want vocational rehabilitation, call us.

Talk to Daniel Garza, our workers’ compensation attorney, and he can work with vocational rehabilitation specialists to help come up with a plan, and oftentimes, if we can show the insurance carrier that getting you trained in another capacity can save them money, then they’ll go oh, good, let’s save money. I’m not sure they care about training you so much, but they definitely are interested in saving money. That’s ways that we can help you assist and make that happen. If that’s something that you would like that’s not currently being offered to you, call us because the call is free, the information’s free, and if vocational rehabilitation can benefit you, the person who’s going to benefit long-term and short-term is you.

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