What To Expect During a Workers’ Comp Case


Have you or a loved one been hurt on the job and have questions about what to expect during a workers’ comp case? Call our Gilbert attorneys.

1) Choosing a Workers Compensation Attorney

What To Expect During a Workers' Comp CaseDaniel’s answer is, “Well, how did you find out about me?” Clients often say they got a referral from other clients. That’s a good reason. Or they say they went to a wonderful doctor and told the doctor that they probably needed to have their case reviewed. The doctor said to call Daniel Garza. There you go; that’s more validation.

Let’s say you weren’t referred or you weren’t recommended. In a situation like that, ask the attorney how many workers’ compensation cases they’re handling right now. If the answer is two or three, that’s probably not the firm that you want. You want someone who’s experienced, who’s been doing this. Daniel’s got over 20 years’ experience. Virtually, there’s almost no situation that he hasn’t seen. When you talk to him, you’ll discover that.

Make sure they’re experienced. Make sure they generally get good outcomes, and have been referred by a past client, a doctor who does workmen’s compensation, sees workmen’s compensation patients. If you get a referral like that, you’re in pretty good hands.

Remember, call us if you’re injured on the job. The call is free; the information is free. It can make a big difference in the amount of benefits that you get, and both short-term and long-term. Just remember we put you first.

2) Paying Bills While Waiting for Workers’ Compensation

This question often arises for someone injured on the job, especially if there’s a question about when benefits are going to start. In that particular case, that’s even more of a reason to call our law firm, our workers’ comp injury law firm, and talk to our managing attorney, Daniel Garza. The reason is because there are other resources available in the community to help you in that situation. Many of them aren’t commonly known.

For instance, we can make a referral to you to a wonderful lady who works for a charity downtown. She has amazing connections. She can even help people who need housing that are homeless and find a place for them, a good place, and also help them with getting benefits. All these things can help you. She never charges anything for her services.

Of course, if you’ve got family resources, and cousins, and parents, they can chip in. Their assistance sometimes doesn’t go too far. Even in those situations, that’s an additional reason to call our workers’ comp injury law firm and talk with Daniel Garza, our workers’ comp attorney, and our staff. We’ll be happy to make those referrals and introduce you to other resources to help you along until you can get your benefits, until you can get a hearing. Sometimes the hearings right now are taking six months. It’s important that we offer you those other resources to help you until you can get your benefits restored.

Remember, if you’re in a situation, you’re wondering how you’re going to get your bills paid, that’s even more of a reason to call us. The call is free; the information is free. The person who’s going to benefit the most is you.

3) Workers Compensation Statute of Limitations

This question often comes up when someone’s injured on the job. People have heard or maybe seen on the Internet that you can have up to a year. People think they have plenty of time. Not necessarily.

If you call and talk to our workers’ comp attorney, Daniel Garza, here’s what he has said to clients in the past and here’s what he would say right now : One year is the maximum amount of time, but there are other rules that require what’s called forthwith reporting, which is an old English way of saying you better do it quick. You better do it as soon as possible. You don’t want to sit around and twiddle your thumbs and say, well, let’s just see what happens and just before a year is up because the insurance carrier can go, oh no, you could have reported this way before now. You are out of luck.

Call us early. Daniel would be happy to talk to you over the phone. He’ll give you advice for free and advise you of your particular injury, your particular claim. If you’re not even sure if the claim has been filed, we can help you file the claim.

The earlier you ask for our assistance, the better. And if you’re already getting benefits, we’re not going to take anything out of your check that you’re already getting, but we can make sure that you’re getting the right amount. If you’re not, and we increase it, well, then maybe we deserve something for that. If you’re already getting benefits, we don’t touch that; only if we can get you more or long-term. That’s the only time that we get paid.

You can call us anytime for free information. Remember, the call is free; the information is free. The only one that’s going to benefit right away is you. You are our most important client.

Have you or a loved one been injured at work and have questions about what to expect during a workers’ comp case? Contact experienced Gilbert Workers Compensation Lawyers at Free Injury Advice today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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