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Workers’ Compensation Benefit Caps

Watch this video to learn about the workers’ compensation benefit caps in Arizona. Then, call our Gilbert workers compensation lawyers for a consultation.


Is there a cap on my workers compensation benefits?


Workers' Compensation Benefit CapsIf you call and talk to Daniel Garza, our workers’ comp injury attorney, he’ll tell you that even though that sounds like a simple question, it’s really not. The way he explains that is he says look, is there a maximum amount up there somewhere that you can get? Yeah, but what’s the maximum amount in your case? It depends on so many factors. It’s a list about that long, so everything from whether you have impairment, what amount of disability, whether it’s going to be short-term, long-term, the amount of the medical care, the rehabilitation, just so many different factors that rather than guess, that’s a perfect example of why you need to call. Talk to our workers’ compensation attorney, Daniel Garza. He’ll give you the benefit of 20 years’ experience about handling cases like this, like yours, and that way you can get an idea if you are getting your maximum benefits right now. He can help you determine that. What about long-term situations? He can advise you about that, too. Remember, the call’s free, and information’s free, and the person who benefits the most is you.

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