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Wrongful Death Survivor

Are you suffering the loss of a loved one and have questions about who qualifies as a wrongful death survivor? Call our lawyers in Gilbert for advice.


Who is considered a wrongful death survivor?


This is a common question where a family has lost a loved one and there are different feelings about which law firm should be hired, or if they should even hire a law firm.

Wrongful Death Survivor
If you are a brother or sister of the victim, for example, can you make a claim? We had a call the other day about that and they spoke to one of our attorneys. What our attorney advised is in Arizona, unfortunately, brothers and sisters generally do not have a claim for wrongful death. Now, there are states right next door to us that allow that. Again, one of the important factors is where did this accident happen. In Arizona, generally brothers and sisters don’t have a claim. Now, parents generally do, as the attorney explained, and spouses do, children do. They say, well, what about sometimes this child lived with us, but we never adopted them. Those are situations you need to call us about; they’re more complicated. As the attorney explained, generally parents, spouses, and children are the normal claimants in Arizona.

There are some other situations in which recovery is possible for other reasons, but that’s another reason to call us and talk to one of our attorneys. As the attorney explained the other day on the phone to somebody who called in, normally if there’s a surviving spouse, the surviving spouse is in charge of the litigation, or the claim. The other family members, if they don’t agree on how it’s being handled, can get their own independent law firm to represent them. We can work together as a team and have a good result for the family.

Remember, if there is any situation where you lose a loved one, call us. Call us early if you can, we can prevent so many problems. The call is free, the information is free, the referrals are free. It can make such a difference in your life, and even in how the memory of your loved one is kept. We can have special provisions for that. Remember, if you lose a loved one, call us because we really do care about you.

Did you lose a loved one from the negligence of another in Arizona and have questions about wrongful death survivor? Contact experienced Gilbert Wrongful Death Attorneys at Free Injury Advice today for a legal consultation.

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